PluginGui Input Handling Help

I have been testing a Plugin I’m working on using PlayerGui’s so I wouldn’t have to keep saving it as a local plugin or publishing it and then updating it. Only to find out that when it is saved as a plugin, certain features stop working because PluginGui and PlayerGui are inconsistent from each other. (Which in all honesty doesn’t make a lot of sense considering they both utilize Gui instances.)

One such difference is GetGuiObjectsAtPosition does not exist on PluginGui, so I will have to write up my own system for handling that. Shouldn’t be too big of an issue since I’m just checking against everything in the plugin.

However the big issue I have right now is that UserInputService does not work for Mouse Input over PluginGui’s. This seems like a really huge oversight and very limiting. I wrote up the entire system using Input Began, Input Ended, and Input Changed for mouse inputs in the Plugin interface, only to find later that it doesn’t work and I have to somehow create an input system myself.

How would I go about handling the different mouse inputs on a PluginGui? I need to be able to detect when all three mouse buttons are pressed and released as well as the mouse movement changes.

Any help would go a long way, Thank you!