PluginGui widget sizing bug


When you resize a PluginGui, then close out of it, and then re-open it, the minimum content size is locked to the last-opened max size of the PluginGui. Gui content ends up just getting clipped instead of scaling proportionately to the size of the PluginGui. This happens whether docked or floating.

Please see video example:

Note: As you can see from the video, only resizing it larger than the last time it was closed and then closing it again will have this effect.


What’s the hierarchy of your GUI like? I see that there’s a scroll bar present when you’re resizing it, which isn’t built in to a PluginGui.


The highlighted “Container” Frame is parented directly into a PluginGui. Its size is {1,0,1,0} and position is {0,0,0,0}. The nested ScrollingFrame has the same size/position as the parent frame.

Here’s a model of it:
container.rbxmx (89.7 KB)


Not sure if this is related or not, been seeing a lot of widget bug reports today.

A friend of mine gave me this screenshot, said others have been getting it constantly :

Could this be related, or is this a seperate bug?


Not sure. The bug I’m posting about has always been around