PluginManager functions crash studio when passing long strings

Reproduction Steps

System Information
Intel Core i9 9900K
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti


PluginManager():ExportPlace(string.rep("a", 2 ^ 30))
PluginManager():ExportSelection(string.rep("a", 2 ^ 30))

Expected Behavior

Studio throws an error saying an invalid path was passed.

Actual Behavior

Studio crashes with an Unexpected error has occurred message

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: Low
Frequency: Very Rarely

If you’re wondering what’s actually happening since a lot of these seem to be a similar issue.

The Studio output window cant handle very long strings, resulting in it crashing, these functions emit the passed string into the output when it errors, which results in the output issue.

I’m just reporting any crashes/bugs I find during pentesting.

I think it would be better to report the source of all the issues instead of every single method to throw an error, you’re kind of just creating useless bug reports.

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I think in this case since you’re finding multiple problems with passing long strings to certain functions you might want to batch these all into one report. The crash is just a symptom of Roblox not handling an out of memory error gracefully somewhere.

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Do you still encounter this issue?