PluginMenu fails to work in 2 cases

While working with PluginMenus lately, I’ve found 2 rather annoying bugs.
For those who are unaware of what PluginMenus are:

Image Example


Case 1: Confliction with require() via an ID.

Any plugin script that has a PluginMenu and code with require(#####) will cause the PluginMenu to stop appearing. Using require() with a ModuleScript already in place will function just fine.

Strangely, it will work if you use the same code via the command bar instead.

Case 2: Updating/Refreshing the plugin.

If the plugin needs to be updated, any that make use of plugin menus will stop appearing until you restart Studio.

Both cases occur 100% of the time.

I’m afraid that I do not know when this started happening since I’ve only just started trying to work with plugin menus.

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