PluginMenu is broken

PluginMenus haven’t been used in many plugins as they are fairly new, however the toolbox already uses them which has been useful in copying asset Id’s from the toolbox.
Recently, I noticed that when I right click on an asset, the Plugin Menu will not show up, so I checked the output and I got this:

The error when you first click is ‘Unable to show a destroyed menu’
Any further attemps will result in the second error ‘This plugin cannot create more than one pluginAction with id: “CopyToClipboard”’’

I’ve tested the code with my own plugin in order to better understand the error and have resulted in the exact same error.

I have checked the FFlag StudioPluginMenuApi and it doesn’t seem to be disabled so it is not the issue.
I believe this may be a result in a behavior change in the API. It could also be an issue with code, however I also had an old copy of the toolbox plugin source before this change happened and the same code still errors the exact same way.

I’ve only noticed this bug recently and on the main roblox website (


The fix for this PluginMenu bug will be out in Studio v370. Thanks for reporting it.


This has been fixed.

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