Plugins for a beginner dabbling in everything

Hi, my name is LandofLee and I’m wondering what type of plugins you would recommend for a beginner? I’m dabbling in a little bit of everything (scripting, building, animating, etc). Any ideas? I’m all ears

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Short answer: none.

To elaborate, I wouldn’t install any plugins yet. Plugins are basically extensions for studio, usually in the form of tools for specialized tasks where the default studio tools won’t cut it. I would recommend getting familiar first with the different aspects of game development. Once you get to the point where you think to yourself “I wish there was an easier/faster way of doing this”, then you should start looking around for plugins that help you with that task. If instead your first step is installing all plugins that might be useful, you will most likely overwhelm yourself.


I 99% disagree with what is stated here @Zomebody

The 1% I can agree on is the scripting aspect. Really there’s no plug-ins that comes to mind that helps you script. But I can think of plenty of plug-ins that are either insanely helpful or near-required.

Some suggestions for designing stuff:

AutoScale GUI: ZacBytes (I would say essential because of how helpful it is!):
Different people have different screen sizes, I heavily discourage any use of offset or pixel-based UI. Even for borders.

Roundify: Stelrex
Need to make a UI that doesn’t look terrible but have no idea how? This will be your best friend.

Load Character: AlreadyPro
Want to add players/developers as NPCs? Do thumbnails? Get any player without them joining? Here’s your go-to!

Gapfill: Stravant (absolutely amazing!!!)
Want to hurry up and link two parts together? Here’s a way to act as a decent builder.

Model Resize: DaMrNelson
Self explanatory, lets you resize models to an exact percentage (even fixes joints!) with the click of a button.

Character Creator [ BETA ]: DaMrNelson
This is almost essential for animating custom characters (like animals) because the alternative is MANUALLY making joints via either a script or the Motor6 object. Here you just click what you want to attach.

These make building things like this SO much easier!

As a scripting-focused developer, I really struggle with design-focused stuff! These help a lot!

My advice if you want to take game development seriously, as in dedicate a good portion of your time, every night before you go to bed, get on your phone, tablet, any mobile device you might have, and go in #resources:community-resources and #help-and-feedback:cool-creations and look for modules and plug-ins that interest you.


Cannot agree more. You should always start learning vanilla and built-in tools.

Here are some plugins I’d suggest using for stuff you’re already familiar with

Roblox’s default animation editor plugin is more than sufficient for a beginner. Advanced animators will likely use FBX animations.

I’d suggest using F3X Build Tools or Studio Build Suite once you get the hang of Roblox’s built-in tools.

Scripting is a bit of a grey area, as it depends on what you want to do. E.g. I use local files a lot— so I made my own plugin to set the place ID automatically.

Most programmers use Roblox’s default editor, if you’re doing advanced stuff you’d look into stuff like Rojo.

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I’d have to say, I really don’t know how I’d make custom characters such as this

Without the use of the character creator plug-in.

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I have been using Studio sense 2014 and I very rarely use plug-ins because I personally never see a reason to. However there is a good plugin that helps you learn how to use Roblox Studio.


Good to know. I wouldn’t really classify myself as a beginner…I’m a familiar with the studio since I’ve been messing around with it for at least 5 months or so.
What does Studio Build Suite entail? The description didn’t give me much when I looked it up.

Thank you, I already installed the plug ins: grow grass, parts to terrain, and custom character creator. Do you know of any plugins for more shapes?

I’d definitely recommend this if you’re trying to make smoother/curvy shapes and builds.

EDIT: I do want to mention that these plug-ins can be a little complex at times and will often require things like YouTube tutorials to understand.

Here’s a post of a dev giving his top ten plug-ins, I totally forgot about Brick Cutter:


It’s a remastered version of qCmdUtl by Quenty. Here’s a screenshot of qCmdUtl (they’re pretty similar):

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Could you point me to where this plugin is? This is the exact plugin I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance

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Sorry, I’m not quite understanding your question, which plugin?

Ah, I was referring to the character creation one.

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Sorry for the late response.

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