Plugins help you make a map easier?

My opinion is that if they serve to facilitate your project or work or map, they help you to make construction easier, they help you to put the Size of the object to measure exactly since when you scale it With the default Roblox Studio scaler sometimes it doesn’t make it custom or they can also help you implement things easily etc, this is my opinion with little experience I have creating in Roblox Studio, I hope this information will help you. :smile:


F3X building tools, for rescaling and Realism plugin for environment lighting.

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Well there are several plugins that you can use. Personnaly I use:

Those are very helpull plugins, I love them!
Hope it helps :smiley:


Don’t forget f3x!

This is probably my favourite plugin so far.


Oh, I forgot to add it. Thanks.

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Highly recommend the following:

Helps with reflecting bigger models, like if you have a wall and you want the same exact wall on the other side you just reflect it.

Makes parts into well terrain

Fills in gaps without extra parts, and connects parts to other parts

Fills in gaps using parts, you can create some cool shapes, but increases part count by alot.

BEST plugin for building HIGHLY recommend

Resizes models that can’t be resized with the basic roblox tools

Allows you to see every “Spotlight, Pointlight, and Surfacelight” in game

Plugins can be very useful but you need to be very careful which ones you use! Installing a malicious plugin can easily put a lot of backdoors in your game. Try testing some in a random place first!

You are 100% right, there are so many copies of good original plugins it’s hard to tell which one is real. F3X alone has about 50 copies.

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