Plugins Inexplicably Crashing in Studio

These two plugins have started crashing Studio completely out of the blue. I haven’t updated the Weather Systems plugin, and I simply changed the name of a couple objects to fix another problem on the Road Accessories plugin. The Weather plugin crashes when you attempt to install the systems, and the Accessories plugin crashes when you attempt to set the number of directions that you’re signal will control. I can’t seem to pick out a common thread between the two that would trigger crashes, short of it seeming to be not on my end.

The output shows no errors prior to crashing, and the log files show absolutely nothing. Are any other plugins experiencing this?

Maybe it’s related to this?

It might be, but I wouldn’t expect it to since the FormFactor deprecation currently does nothing other than make the resizing behavior independent of the FormFactor property.

One of the operations used FormFactor, but I removed the reference to it and it still crashed Studio.

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It hasn’t actually been removed yet.

Not talking about the removed part, i mean the part that isn’t doing anything now.

I can’t post anything to Studio Bugs myself (grrr such annoyingz), so I’m just going to say this here.

There are two main issues I am running across.

The first one is kinda small and somewhat irrelevant:
A plugin I’m working on crashes studio as soon as you open up a place.

Yeah, not that big of a plugin or issue. There’s probably something I’m not seeing that causes an eternal loop or something.

Link to plugin source code

The second one is a major bug:
There is no easy way to uninstall a plugin without opening up a place.

There lies my dilemma.

  1. The plugin crashes me when I open a place.
  2. I can’t easily uninstall the plugin without opening a place to access the Plugins tab
  3. See 1

I had to search through my entire SSD for anything with the keyword “Roblox” before I could find my “InstalledPlugins” folder.

From there, I deleted the folder with my uploaded plugin’s ID.

Again, super sorry for reviving a dead post.
I just felt this was a major issue.
Some people don’t know how to go into files and manually delete stuff.

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Omg I had the same issue. I was making plugins and I was testing them but whenever I clicked the plugin button, studio always inconsistently crashed. Smh

Could I see the code of the plugin that made ur studio crash?

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I’d suggest you create a post in #development-support:scripting-support for your first issue and follow the above steps to submit your feature request, necro bumping a thread isn’t a good idea.

You can find the official devforum rules here.

Oh thanks.

Sorry about that again.


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