Plugins should be deleted from your inventory when uninstalled

Plugins should automatically be deleted from your inventory when uninstalled.

Image: (plugin uninstalled but still listed in my inventory)

The current behavior makes it difficult to keep track of your installed/uninstalled plugins from the website and creates confusion. Additionally, it isn’t consistent.


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Some well known developers have been installing illegitimate plugins accidentally and then realizing they’re not the real ones, and then uninstalling them. This would be fine if it also removed the plugin from their inventory, the current behaviour caused an incident where a less experienced developer has looked at the more well known developer’s inventory and installed the plugin, unaware that it contained a backdoor. If this feature existed, users in the case I described would be safer.


Apologising for the delay, getting back to responding to participants of my feature requests.

This is indeed quite a valid and strong point which I didn’t initially address. Thank you for bringing it up. I hope this argument can bring the required attention to this thread.

As I mentioned above, I’m pinging this thread to bring attention to it. This is still an existing issue, it’s inconsistent and can potentially have negative effects on unaware developers, as @PeteyK473 pointed out.

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