PluginVentory - A Plugin For Heavy Plugin Users [ Now Supports ALL Plugins!

Hello, everyone!

I have created a new plugin that allows you to have as many plugins installed as you want (without them being bunched up like they are currently when you have more than 12 installed!) The way I have set up the scrolling frame that houses all of the buttons gives you roughly 156,800 pixels (vertically) to play around with, considering the fact that the buttons themselves are only 200 x 200 The horizontal resolution is dependent upon your screen resolution, minus 30 pixels. :slight_smile:

Tutorial for setting up your plugin with PluginVentory - if you want the proper name and icon for said plugin

  • Add this file underneath the screengui of your plugin: PluginVentory Module Script
  • Make sure your ScreenGui for your plugin matches the name in the ModuleScript

Some helpful tips

  • The Shortcut to bring up the interface can be assigned in Studio’s Shortcut manager. Look for the Shortcut titled “Show / Hide PluginVentory”
  • All plugins, except for the Physics Analyzer, RobloxGui, and any other core Roblox Guis, support PluginVentory. PluginWidgets will be supported very soon.
  • It is also very, VERY important that your plugin has an exit button. It’s also extremely important that your interface is pre-created so you can easily place the modulescript into your StarterGui instance.
  • PluginVentory allows all plugins 5 seconds to load their ScreenGuis. If a Gui fails to create it’s ScreenGui within 5 seconds, PluginVentory ignores it and moves to the next available plugin.

Known Bugs

  • Updating the plugin while a place is opened can result in duplicate buttons being created.


  • Near infinite installation of plugins.
  • Minimal interface design.

The plugin itself:
PluginVentory v0.1

If you need help setting up your plugin to support some of PluginVentory’s display features, I’m more than happy to help


BytesGuard, an anti virus plugin I created, works nicely with PluginVentory. PluginVentory also has a scrollbar that extends 512 * 200. Giving you a total playroom of around 102,400 pixels for all of your plugins that support PluginVentory.

BytesGuard, or any other plugin, will appear if the necessary plugin data is located, and will hide the PluginVentory system.

Shortcut under the shortcut menu in Studio. This can be set to anything you’d like

How the module script should, relative to the name of the plugin.

Main ScreenGui that houses the main plugin and how it’s hierarchy should look.

This plugin currently does not support widget plugins, but they will be supported in a later update! :slight_smile:


Found a typo in the name:

A brand new plugin that allows the installtion of well…a lot of plugins.

I am getting the ‘could not load plugin data’ warning for everything. I think you should let us hide that warning.
It also might be more practical to use the new plugin GUI system :wink:

Cool concept so far.


I’ll do that.

That shouldn’t be too hard to implement! :slight_smile:

Also, plugin GUI system?

You’re referring to the Widgets, correct?



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I haven’t been able to get that to work for my one plugin, that could just be because of the way I had it set up.

I shall see what I can do.

Also, isn’t there a tutorial on saving plugin settings? I know there’s a .json file you have to create.

If you’re having issues, #development-support:scripting-support is always there to help :slight_smile:
You’d want to convert your data to a JSON file for use in these methods if it’s a table, yes.

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Thanks, Emerald. :slight_smile:

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You can now toggle off the warning messages! :slight_smile:

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Any screenshots?


Sure thing.

Screenshots have been added to the OP.

I think the problem this plugin attempts to solve is a huge issue and rightly deserves to be corrected. Understanding the limitations involved there probably is no possible other way to go about this without requiring plugin creators to add your module script; I think it’s way too much to ask for everyone to add this to their plugin to enable it’s use.

The only way for us to get this working with 99% of plugins is to stream in the plugin’s source code, and either reupload or save said plugin locally. Now the plugin’s working all fine and dandy with your plugin docker but we’re no longer receiving updates to whatever that plugin may be. Our best bet would be to keep the plugin installed and periodically check the plugin manager page to sync with updates, which makes use of PluginVentory somewhat pointless as the plugins must remain installed.

I installed the update for PluginVentory but it’s still not appearing in my plugin toolbox. I’ve checked a few times to see if I’m missing it due to the very problem it sets out to solve, but am fairly confident no toolbar button exists to allow access to any setting that could disable this.

Due to the fact that PluginVentory spits out a warn() for every single plugin that doesn’t have the required module script in them (all of them), and that I can’t stand the output being flooded with 50 warn messages every time studio’s started or is refreshed, I’ve sadly just uninstalled PluginVentory.

The issues relating to cluttered plugin toolbars definitely warrant Roblox’s intervention but a solution doesn’t appear to be coming any time soon. I really wish PluginVentory had been the fix I’ve been searching for, but until a workaround is put in place that doesn’t require plugin creators to include your module script, I don’t think PluginVentory is valid as a useable solution.

At the very least the issue with the warn() spams at studio load needs to be addressed, but unfortunately that wouldn’t be enough to bring me back.

I really hope these problems can be overcome as I would absolutely love what PluginVentory attempts to provide, and wish you the best of luck at trying to get it to that point.Hopefully my 2 cents help you get there.

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I’ll take your advice and make the plugin more usable - instead of being limited to being required to have a module script for the plugins to function - that will be made optional for the icon and name - and that’s really the only reason I had it, so you wouldn’t have plugins named “ScreenGui” or anything else in the inventory, as I’m sure there’s no API to directly get the name of a plugin. Anyways,

To solve your other issue, PluginVentory is activated by a keyboard shortcut, and the “disable warn messages” toggle button is indicated by either a crossout or a check mark - though I should probably change this to something more obvious.

I appreciate the feedback and I shall be improving it for general users! :slight_smile:

The plugin has been opened up to all plugins. Of course, the module script can be added by Plugin Creators who want the proper name and icon to be shown. Hopefully, this update will bring you back to using PluginVentory, because I feel it is a much needed plugin in the hands of every developer! :slight_smile:

Tell me if there should be anything else that needs changing.

Help me I can’t find it on the plugins tab

Here is the link read the instructions found on the post. Oh and it’s been 2 years.

This is a very cool quality of life plugin. Sweet concept.

Would you guys like an update to this plugin? I kinda forgot about it but I feel like I could do some cool update.

Lemme know what you think! :slight_smile:

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Yes. A new version would be nice.

Yeah, a new version would be cool