Plum's minimap - Rotating map, bordersnapping blips and more!

I have no way of testing my game on android phones. I therefor sadly can’t fix this issue… You would have to locate the problem yourself.

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In case anyone can help debug this I just want to point out that I have two games that tag NPCs and that works fine on both my computer and my phone. But I have a third game that tags players and on that game none of the player blips show up on the phone, but show up just fine on the computer. I’ve tried with bordersnapping and without and it makes no difference. If someone has an idea where I should look to possibly fix this please let me know.

Can you make a navigation system with the minimap?

It’s not really made for a navigation system in mind, but you could probably do it with some modifications to the code.

k thx.

(30 letter Characters EEEEEE)

this looks great!
though, is it possible to render randomly generated maps? since i don’t see how we could make images out of those, it’s going to be random all the time

It is not performant or possible to render randomly generated minimaps, that look like this in Roblox currently. I would recommend a radar for this kind of use instead, or a very simple minimap using frames to display some things.

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if you use “part:Destroy()” it works without “Minimap: RemoveBlip (part)”

What are the settings for the Round minimap?

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How would I go about changing the size of the map from a rectangle to more of a square?

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You change the map size by going into the settings and changing the mapsize.

Can you show an example for a square and round map?
Or make settings in the demo.
[“mapSize”] = (?)

To make a square map you would have to set the height and width to the same value:,250,0,250)

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Settings for round map:

[“mapSize”] =,250,0,250);

[“mapCornerRoundness”] =, 125);
[“borderCornerRoundness”] =,125);

I would set
[“mapCornerRoundness”] =, 0);
[“borderCornerRoundness”] =, 0);

Like that instead, so it’ll be round no matter the size of the map (As long as it’s square)


This might be a dumb question but how do I toggle the visibility of the minimap at runtime?

You can toggle the minimap with the




Is it possible to add a marker to the map personally for one player, and not for all at once?

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Yes. If you create the marker on the client (Or give the tag to a part on the client) while in runtime, then only that client will see that marker :slight_smile:

is it possible to render parts in the workspace in the minimap ?

This is not what the intended use for the minimap. It’s therefor only possible (Without making fixes and adding features yourself) to do with rendering beforehand with RoRender.

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