PMs from @system Getting Flooded

Issue Description

As of 13/05/2024, at 7:12 PM (GMT-3), I’ve been inundated with numerous PMs (Private Messages) from the Developer Forum bot @system. The message pertains to a forthcoming game conference being organized with the Portuguese Developer Engagement Team (PT/BR DevRel) assistance. Only users who are part of the forum group @PTBRDevelopers are supposed to receive these messages.

Initially, the first PM was sent out as usual and was visible to everyone, myself included. However, within 1-3 minutes, @system began spamming the same message repeatedly, this time inviting both active and inactive users on the DevForum.

I’ve already reported this issue to the PT/BR DET leader, but my Messages section continues to be flooded, going from just one message to approximately 70 PMs. :sparkler:

Reproduction Steps

  1. Join the forum group @PTBRDevelopers.
  2. Wait until you receive a PM from the bot @system.

Visual Aids:


Pinging @Hooksmith in case he notices and may assist with this “critical” bug

Yes we’re aware of it and already muted notifications for everyone while the batch operation was running. You might have received a few notifications at the start but not for all messages that were sent.

We’ll run another batch operation later to delete the messages + the notifications. (we can’t un-send emails that were sent due to the private messages)

The current state is not great but not critical, you have to intentionally tab into the PTBRDevelopers message tab. Sorry for the small inconvenience in mean-time.

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Hey @Hooksmith! How are you doing?

Thank you for your reply! It is comprehensible and I believe the least viable solution would be deleting the messages and the notifications until it has only one truly without the consistency. Hopefully, this can get fixed ASAP!

No worries, there’s no need to apologize. It happens to the best of us, and it’s all good! :slight_smile:

This was resolved, spammy messages were deleted and notifications were removed. We can’t un-send any emails that were sent due to the messages, sorry for the inconvenience.

The team will be more careful in using the bulk message tool in the future.