[POC]: Voice Chat Controls. Mute, Unmute & set the Volume of players voice chat!

!! Warning !!

This is only POC [ Proof of concept ] and shouldn’t be used in games.
Now, controls for VoiceChat have been in high demand, I decided to try one of my ideas to create a handle on voice control, and it worked!

!! Information !!

The SDK module was initially made to help developers have a better handle on VoiceChat as roblox so far has not given us any valid API’s to use yet.

Now, this module deploys hacky methods in order to spoof player voice chat, which means this module has a chance to break your game. I would advise you to possibly create your own variation of this module.

What you could do with this module, is interpret and create your own front for roblox VoiceChat, this module does actually remove the VoiceChat bubble, however, removing the player chat bubble at the same time.

Again, this was made under one hour and just as a testing grounds, in no way is this to represent a final product. However, the SDK presents the three below functions.

VoiceChatSDK.MutePlayer(Player: Instance)

Mutes a player

VoiceChatSDK.UnmutePlayer(Player: Instance)

Unmutes a player

VoiceChatSDK.SetPlayerVolume(Player: Instance, Volume: Number)

Sets the volume of that player’s mic (only on the client.)

!! Live Demo !!

Below is uncopylocked version of the SDK, allowing you to mute, unmute and set a volume.

!! Model/Links !!


Let me know your thoughts :smile:


Seems quite useful, this will definitely come in handy for games that revolve around voice chat.

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A ton of people complain about how VoiceChat is limited, however, if we think outside the box we can accomplish a lot more than what we think we can.

Just wanted to add; VoiceChatSDK 2.0 is coming out soon, essentially this but with a lot more support for games & more things!

This should make VoiceChat on Roblox a fun experience! :smile:

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Hello. Will this allow me to have specific players able to speak with an enlarged volume to a big public? Are there any ways for the sound to stay in specific areas or muted for those who are not in the specific areas? Thank you.


Yes, but indirectly ~ what I mean by that is you’ll need to implement a system to handle these “areas” and points at which player audio is supposed to be louder.

(You’ll need to use this: VoiceChatSDK - Mute, Unmute, Set Volume & More!)

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