Pocket Combat 1.4 changes

First time ever posting a changelog outside of Discord, mostly because 2000 characters is not enough for the behemoth that is this update lol

Update will release November 2nd! Whether you’re just hearing about the game or have been a fan since last August, thanks for checking out this post!

Here’s all the new stuff:


-Timothy’s gun has slightly better recoil control

-Grenade launcher charges and reloads significantly faster, now has 6 shots

-Baseball launcher takes longer to charge, slower fire rate

-Greatly increased firework launcher’s blast jumping height

-Sodashot now fires 7 projectiles, this is to mainly to lower the lifesteal a bit

-Oddity sword’s timer drain lasts a lot longer than usual now. Air swing also has less startup and provides more time per hit. Now boosts max health by 5, and hardtack timer is now paused upon unequipping. This means you can effectively pay HP to store your power for a more opportune moment, and all of these changes make the weapon able to stand up against other melee threats much better.

-Disciplash no longer has the global highlight effect, replaced with a new status effect (see new additions)

-Cobra fires slightly faster, lower recoil

-U2018’s base damage is now 12, headshot damage is now 18. Slightly better range compensation

-Suppressed U2018’s base damage is now 15, headshot damage is now 27, slightly reduced recoil and firing speed

-Pokketo now has 20 base damage

-Kukri attacks slightly slower, vital cut has a lower speed reduction and now does 50 damage and grants an 85% max HP heal instead of 50%. Cooldown also increased slightly. This is to make it a bit different compared to the bat.

-Bat’s special is much faster with a faster cooldown (16 sec.) New special effects and animation too

-Bat now gives a minor speed boost when in use, it’s minimal but enough to help you overpower enemies and get further with your air dashes.

-Sheer Power’s hitbox lingers for less time during air dash

-Sheer Power’s starting damage is now 8, this also means that the maximum power one swing can do is 40.

-Cast iron’s special now does 15 damage (25 was way too much)

-Fixed an inconsistency in the sheer power’s spirit gauge upon spawning

-Guitar heals much faster

-Removed Ascending Sheer Power. Couldn’t make the idea feel rewarding or fair at the same time after numerous balancing attempts

-Pummel protection now protects for 0.65x instead of 0.7x

-With Ace of Swords, Oddity sword now damages you by 30 instead of 35 (+10 the usual amount)

-All lava damage is now a flat 20 for consistency

–Fixes and improvements–

-Fixed a bug where certain FX and projectiles would linger on death

-Fixed inaccuracies with the disciplash’s heal beams

-Fixed a massive oversight with the tips system- essentially there was a timer set on each player’s client and their client fires off a hint to everyone. This meant you would occasionally get double tips and also might not get tips at all since they are dependent on if you can survive for ~2 minutes or not (which is highly unlikely!). Now this timer is on the server, and one tip occurs once every 2-5 minutes. This also puts less pressure on the client.

-Fixed team mode using the FFA spawns

-Removed the invisible wall blocking the targets in weapon test

-Equip animations now instantly end when using your special or swinging, this is to make attacks look less confusing and feel more responsive (dunno why i waited to so long to change this though)

-Light beam bat now becomes team color

-Soda shotgun renamed to “Sodashot” (For consistency!!!)

-Bat inspect no longer loops endlessly

-Oddity Sword’s timer drain is now consistent on all frame rates

-Quickly equipping a weapon that grants a speed boost no longer permanently deducts top speed

-Certain projectiles can no longer collide with each other, melee and projectiles from abilities should work and feel a bit better

-Fixed a massive issue where hitting a part of a player’s weapon would make their character impossible to maneuver and frozen on other players’ ends

-Removed lobby battle royales, many players found it obnoxious and just wanted rest from the chaos

-Greatly lowered the sound of glass breaking to prevent hearing loss

-Scaler’s Paperclip triple jump no longer makes you flip, this is because it effectively allows you to avoid headshot damage with the press of a single button, which is incredibly powerful.

-First person arms are less jittery

-Ragdoll noises are quieter and play less frequently

-Changed the materials of some weapons to match the toy-like vibe I wanted to have back in 2021 (but had no idea what i was doing lol)

-Changed the costs of most weapons, mostly to have it so that players don’t unlock everything in one sitting

-Weapon select UI is no longer a scrolling frame, instead a box where you cycle pages. This is because I could never get scrolling frames to scale and it’s also a better way to sort weapons

-The button for shift lock is now displayed on the control reminder

-Timer now flashes when a minute passes, and now has sound effects for the last 10 seconds of a round. Rounds no longer cut to the preparing screen and let you hang around for a bit before returning you. This makes rounds end less abruptly. (Suggested by LankLTE almost a year ago now, time freakin FLIES)

-There are now popups for gaining caps, the cap prices of most weapons have been tweaked

-You can enter the menu while moving now
-There’s 2 new songs for the lobby

– New things (The fun part!!) –

New currency and skin shop!

Models are no longer free, and now cost “bottles”. Gain 1 bottle per round, or gain 3 by ranking 1st-3rd or MVP. Use bottles to buy models! This is supposed to be something that helps to motivate players and gives something to achieve (which a lot of old feedback suggested!). Almost every weapon has a model now too. (see new models below)

Four new gamepasses for relatively cheap prices!

Retro model pack - 4 models that are based on the tools used in the old brick battle games, remastered. (Linked kukri, Superball, Crossroads rocket launcher, Slingshot)

Fortress model pack - 2 models from a familiar fortress (Scout’s Scattershot, Fortress Grenade Launcher)

Starter Kit - For those who want a quick start! (1000 caps and 10 bottles)

New status effect: Chipped. Makes the victim take 150% (1.5x) damage for 8 seconds. The disciplash’s projectiles inflict it on projectile hits, but in FFA both whip hits and projectiles inflict it. Glory now also has this effect instead of an instant death system, and the Kaida makes use of it with its blazeshot special (see below)

New weapons:

Swift stiletto: A quick melee weapon that has short range, but does high damage in a 3-swing combo. Use your special to cast a glowing dagger that does 30 damage and teleports you to your victim. Think of it as an offensive version of the cast iron. Pairs well with any primary-slot melee weapon or shotgun.

Springshot: A fast-paced lever-action shotgun that rewards aiming, and is effective at longer ranges. Also provides a speed boost when in use.

Mercury: A (radical) melee weapon that takes up a primary slot. Gain 1 note on hit, and 2 on tag. Notes power up each swing. E to spend 3 notes on a weaknote that heals you for 35 HP upon use, and R to spend 9notes on a huge powerchord that generates an explosion. Maximum of 15 notes. A lack of mobility is your main weakness, so think carefully before swinging.

King’s shovel: A unique third slot weapon that lets you swap between the offensive and defensive. Perform wide swings with minimal damage, but press E to temporarily heal teammates for 10 HP on hit, while also healing 14HP for hitting enemies. R to temporarily double your damage, which can allow for a burst of power when you really need it.

Kaida: An old weapon that returns with a new style and appearance! Fire accurate, slow, and powerful shots without having to reload. Press E to fire a massive shot, which does decent damage and inflicts chipped, which makes bodyshots do headshot damage and headshots even more powerful.

Superbasketball: Fire unique shots that do more damage depending on how far away you are from your enemy. Press E to go for a slam dunk to quickly close gaps between you and your foes, and also deal 50 damage if you somehow manage to dunk on someone.

18 New models (For a total of 28, not counting mods)

Metal pipe Bat - Bat becomes a metal pipe, Homerun now plays a new sound

Slick Springshot - Becomes more like your typical lever action (Suggested by GlossyGabreil)

Yamato - Your portal opening days have begun

Starry Swift Stiletto - A hollow star replaces the ring, guard is smaller and has a nice red sheen

VX Sword - Another sword from another dimension

Feathered Cobra - Colorful and slightly more green variant with two protruding feathers

Tidal Kaida - Fishy

Sharkie Drumfire - Navy-ish color scheme with a fin replacing the ironsights

Midnight CA14 - CA14 gains synthwave-inspired colors and cooler suppressor

Banjo - Higher pitched guitar, basically (Suggested by Baisy)

Snowy King’s Shovel - Becomes a cool snow shovel

Glockolver - Pocket Popper, but reloaded via magazine and ourple (Suggested by Hoovy)

Protected Sheer Power - Some nice team-colored gloves

Superball - ROUND with SILLY 2006 SOUNDS (Part of retro model pack)

Linked Kukri - Classic sound effects and my favorite slash effect in the whole game (Part of retro model pack)

Crossroads Rocket Launcher - For the best of brickbattlers (Part of retro model pack)

Slingshot - Replaces Oddity Bow, fire spitballs of doom (Part of retro model pack)

Butterstick - Golden sword that sparkles! Overpriced like all things made of gold

New gamepasses:

Retro skin pack: Linked Kukri, Superball, Crossroads Rocket Launcher, Slingshot

Fortress skin pack: Scout Scattershot, Fortress grenade launcher

Combatant’s Kit: 1000 caps, 10 bottles

You can also buy bottles and caps for relatively cheap prices.

New maps:
Piston Pipeline - a lab themed arena with 4 hallways each connected to a middle section, each offering unique platforming and areas to battle in.

Lazy Artblock - Based off of the many rooms I’ve stayed in over these 3 years, has a variety of locations to platform to and take cover in, and some spacious areas where most of the combat goes on. Lots of details that mean something to me personally.

Dusty Doom (By GlossyGabreil) - A map that mostly revolves around team mode. Both teams spawn in opposing pyramids and battle over a lava pit.

Thanks for reading, here’s a link to the game: