Points Database/System

Hey Developers!

I currently have a point system that the players of my game use to earn points via completing obby’s, completing tasks etc. But my problem is that often people join the game and all there points have disappeared. So I was wondering if it’s possible to back up points to an external database like glitch or firebase of another sort of database.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :heart:.

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Your DataStore, if implemented correctly shouldn’t be suffering from any data loss issues, are you by any chance using a 3rd party DataStore module?

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From what I understood, you want to implement an data persistance system. If so, you can use Roblox’s built-in solution, Data Stores. You should check out Data Stores as that really skips over the complexity of setting up an external hosted database.

He’s saying that Roblox’s datastores don’t work well for his game because some players lose their data even though he saved it using datastores.

Let’s wait for OP to reply and clear stuff up, they didn’t specify they had used data stores before and/or were using them

And I agree with what @Forummer said, an correct implementation of data stores shouldn’t have data loss.

Are you 100% sure their points have disappeared? Data inside of a datastore never gets deleted unless it was set to nil on accident, or deleted via a method manually.

Try checking to see if there is data in your datastores. If there is data, that means there is a problem in your loading. If there isn’t any, there’s an issue with saving. As for helping players who have lost their data, you can revert them back to a previous version.

I’d recommend trying out GEILER123456’s Tutorial for datastores.