Poland Central Facility Leaks [Not Using]

New leaks for a brand new facility, Poland Central Facility!
(Created under Poland Group!!!)

WARNING: This game is now public. This page is no longer being used at this time.

Leaks will be posted here when they are ready.
Also all leaks may have features that are not complete or may change.

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New 8/3/2020 Leak (10:34 AM EST)
:warning:I demand you to tell me who did this.:warning:
wait neurotoxin? :wink:

8/2/2020 Leak (5:37 PM EST)
robloxapp-20200802-1736325.wmv (1.1 MB)
Very nice update board I’ve build with the scrolling GUI! Also important update for game on the Poland Central Facility Updates Page!

7/31/2020 Leak (7:23 PM EST)

(Sorry about the delay, have been on vacation)
Releasing Fall 2020 (Estimated)

7/21/2020 Leak (9:54 AM EST)
The new facility is called Poland Central Facility!

7/20/2020 Leak (10:21 AM EST)
robloxapp-20200720-1017384.wmv (4.6 MB)
Showing future alarm system/executive permissions (Executive permissions are given to developers of the game which will include early access to features and card)! The facility itself will be next. I hope to show it off soon!

Next Leaks:
-Other facility workings :wink:?
-And More

Game is developed by:
Dailychips123 - Creator/Builder
CzarekPCzarek - Group Owner/Scripter