Police lights on GUI

I was wondering how I could make flashing police lights on a loading screen, like how ERLC does it.

No idea if this needs to be done with Scripting or UI Design.

It is done either by using camera effects such as BlurEffect or by using fancy GIF handler.

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I’m pretty sure the police light in the background are Images/Decals. If you are looking to make a loading screen similar to the loading screen in ER:LC and have police lights in the background, I would recommend you use Decals/Images.

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It would also have to be done with Scripting

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I understand this is ‘solved’,

However, programming this as decals and gifs is difficult, I have done it before and uploading loads of decals to create a gif is annoying.

Therefore, you can just use a block to set as the local players camera, when the game starts put your loading gui over it, and underneath the camera put 2 parts with a point light and a colour changing script. I would recommend tweening it; however, its different in objects.

I tested it below without the blur:

With the blur:

As you can see the blur would be harder to programme, as you have to do it locally. But it looks fine without it, I would just hide the parts, and the set transparency to 1.

Hope this is better, if you struggle scripting as its easier to find tutorials of the camera thing on youtube.

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