Police Simulator 2021 [BETA] - Halloween & Fall Update Log

Police Simulator 2021 [BETA] - Halloween & Fall Update Log


  • Fall trees & leaves falling effect has been added to all the trees near the city.
  • Scary map effect (Day to night script disabled for the halloween event).
  • Lighting adjusted to make the map scarier.
  • Brand new main menu including things such as the teams menu, credits, gamepass shop and local settings!
  • You can now change your setting preferences to how you like them! Chat theme, sound and FOV (Field of View) are all included in the settings menu.
  • Realistic lighting on the highway.
  • New “Permanent HK416” gamepass has been added!
  • Updated warning/error systems.
  • Tutorial menu removed.
  • Brand new FBI vehicle added to the FBI team.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed. If you encounter any bugs within the game, please reach out by DM’ing me on DevForum.

Screenshots & Photos

Conclusion & Extra Notes

  • The halloween event will conclude on November 1st, 2021 @ 12:00 AM EST. The game will be republished to it’s original state (without any halloween objects) sometime on November 1st, 2021.

  • Any bugs? Report them to @LMVM2041 .

  • The game will stay “Pay to Play” until an undefined date. Pay to play is in robux, of course.

  • Game link: Police Simulator 2021- Winter map! ❄️ - Roblox

  • And last but not least…happy halloween Roblox! :slight_smile: