Police Sirens Don't Play For Other People

I’ve been developing my new game, and I’ve run into a slight problem with some of the cars.

On the police cars, the sirens do not work. The car sounds, etc do. I’ve had multiple people test this with me, only the driver can hear it. If anyone has a solution or something that might be able to point me in the right direction please let me know, this has been holding me back for a while.

Are you using a local script or a server script for the sirens?


Watch that simple tutorial. Understand it closely.


It is currently using a local script. When I use a regular script, it breaks the whole thing.

It’s all remote events. Use the remote events to play a sound at the car. Also, I think this should go in scripting support.

Using local scripts will only play for your device due to it being only client sided. If you want the siren sound effect to play for other players then consider using remote events. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve found a solution, if you click on the sound settings in the game tab, you can check a box called “IgnoreFilteringEnabled” that is the simplest way of doing it, however it leaves your game more vulnerable to exploiters.