[Poll] Transform Tool Suggestions (and what do you think?)


Recently a couple ideas popped into my mind related to the Transform Tool in studio.
I thought these ideas might improve the Transform Tool even more and so I decide to share them. :slight_smile:

If you have any additional ideas or adjustments to mine, feel free to share them here as well!

My Ideas

All Tools in One

This kind of is already a thing. Except you can’t seem to move the object to the sides (only up and down). Scaling is a bit difficult with the small hitboxes and the rotation buttons are on each corner, which is a little confusing.

I think it’d be much better to have the default (or a variant on) Scale, Orient & Translate all in one tool, with the ability to lock one or two of those while editing.

Shortcut Effect With Shift
S Lock Scale Lock Rotation(Orient) + Translate
R Lock Rotation(Orient) Lock Scale + Translate
T Lock Translate Lock Rotation(Orient) + Scale

This allows the developer to make more precise edits without accidentally editing the wrong thing.
It also works with efficiency.

Ability to Really Edit Parts

Let’s say there’s a builder making a house.
They want to make the walls a bit curvy for they want to achieve a cartoony kind-of look, but they don’t know how Blender, for example, works or they do but they don’t want to spend time in there while you can also use the Transform Tool to edit vertices.

If it were possible, free editing would be very interesting. But I’m no engineer and don’t exactly know what the possibilities are on the technical side of things.
However, simple options such as being able to collapse one side of a cylinder part to make it a cone would be interesting and helpful to me in so many ways!


I’m curious to know what everyone thinks about these ideas and whether or not it would be helpful to you as well.

  • This would help me a lot!
  • This would be nice.
  • This is not really that useful.
  • This would not work in my favour at all.

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I agree that it could be easier for studio tools to be combined into one mega tool, though it isn’t necessary, and would take some getting used to. I’m personally fine with the current tool system, besides the fact that it lacks certain features that plugins have, as you can quickly switch tools with the shortcuts CTRL+1, CTRL+2, ect. If roblox did implement this, it should definitely be a toggle-able option.

Though I think it’s a ways off, vertex manipulation would be a game changer. I would love the ability to construct simple meshes inside of studio, without having to open up Blender.

I agree that some curvature options like Blender’s curve modifier would really come in handy. Creating meshed curves to fit certain areas of your game can be annoying, and you sometimes need to import chunks of your build from studio into Blender to get the sizing right. This could be a major timesaver for sure.

It is promising that roblox is slowly introducing mesh deformation features, as that is a step towards more studio mesh manipulation. Hopefully we will see something of this sort happen in the near feature!


This is what the #platform-feedback:studio-features category exists for. If you would like new features for the platform, please file requests in the Platform Feedback category.

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I wasn’t too sure where to post it. :slight_smile:
#platform-feedback:studio-features says I have to focus on the problems, while these are just suggestions I thought might be interesting to discuss.
Hence I posted it here instead.

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