[POLL] What type (genre) of game/s do you actually prefer, play, or develop?

The title explains itself, what type (genre) of game/s do you actuallu prefer, play, or develop?

  • RPG (Prison Escape)
  • RPG - Combat (Anime Battle Arena, Anime Mania)
  • MMORPG - Adventure (BloxPiece)
  • Combat - Solo (Dungeon Quest)
  • Tycoon
  • Sandbox (Islands)
  • Tower Defense (Tower Defense Sim, ASTD)
  • Civilization
  • FPS Games (Arsenal, Counter Blox)
  • Simulators

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If you wonder why I made this poll, it’s because to know what gamers usually play. It’s just for me but for you also.

Note: if a thread like this exists, please notify me so I can delete this

Where is Horror? I like Murder mystery 2

oh crap I forgot that lol. I think it can be considered as RPG

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Yeah Murder Mystery isn’t really a horror game when you compare it with actual horror games

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