Poly Defense Lobby Testing

Helloooo Devforum!

I’m here to bring you another feedback needed page for the game Poly Defense that I’ve been working on. This is mainly to test the lobby, but the game part of this will be open*. The lobby currently has the features below to offer:

  • Inventory
  • Matchmaking
  • Invite System
  • Camera System

The currently open part of the game aspect has the showcase of the enemies system, message box system, and some more interesting things about the game.

Heres a link if you are interested: Poly Defense [PRE-ALPHA SOON] - Roblox

Game is closed for development like this:

Feedback is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

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Looks pretty great! All I can really is say is to add “back”/“close” buttons on the menus you can open, but I imagine you already have that in mind.

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It’s a key bind at the moment, but I’ll probably add a back button to make it nicer.