PolyCity (Ideas + Criticsm)

Alright so basically, I am working on a PolyCity, I need ideas for it. Here it is!

Information about PolyCity, basically everything is made of polygons.

Basically you land in a city, you work,make money and more.

Meet more people.


I don’t feel as though there’s enough to go off in this post to give recommendations, there is no information on gameplay or what the project is. I’d add some more details or images to the project before asking for opinions or ideas.


Updated! Thanks for the reccomendation.

Nice picture. You have an art style and a theme which looks nice and relaxing, however there’s still no information.

Do you have a game you want to make or an idea you want us to expand upon for you?

Before anyone can critique a game there needs to be some substance of the core ideas, mechanics design, environment, characters, plot, etc.


The art style seems nice, but you still haven’t provided anything that the people above (@Lolaphobia and @WingItMan) have asked for. Would you mind linking the game and explaining the gameplay aspects more thoroughly?

Basically it’s a roleplay game. You make friends, it’s something like Welcome to Bloxburg.

Currently this is just basically just a showcase review. If you want actual feedback on your game idea then you’re gonna have to do some creative writing.


Well, since you asked for criticism, you cant create another Welcome to Bloxburg without new mechanics and better implication of old ones. Youd have to create a system for building similar to BBs but with low poly designs, better job opportunities, and overall more to do.

For ideas, I’d say create minigames with different camera perspectives for the jobs to earn money. Also, make sure to add a super hard mode after the player has advanced to certain point. As ironic as it, I’d point to Webkinz’ format for that

Alright! I will make one. Thanks!

Can’t really say much about the game since it’s not really as descriptive. But if it’s a roleplay game where you work and make money, then you’ll need way more features because there are a lot of games like this out there already and this would just be another one of “those” games.

Got it, but what do you mean by “those” games.

Alright, so for starters we need more social games, but I am not sure if your game is the way forward unless you do it right.

There are already enough city social games, which is probably what he means by one of “those games.” Which is why you have to be careful, if not it’s going to be boring.

When I think about what makes a good social game I like to think of Club Penguin. The nice thing about Club Penguin was it was an escape from real life, and you felt you could really be yourself. Moreover it was in Antarctica a place which people did not know a lot about which meant the developers had a tonne of freedom. The other nice thing about Club Penguin were the mini games, which it doesn’t seem like your game has at the moment.

Personally I find the design from your game looks great, but too often people rush into projects without thinking what excites and keeps the player retention. I think if you do it right it will be a success, but I wouldn’t really go down the city route (unless you can properly make it interesting) due to it being a slightly “over franchised genre.”"

Love the low poly look though and good luck! My main advice would be to continue with your development style but put it to a more interesting use.

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From what i’m seeing so far it looks really cool, great work!

I think you could use more materials than just plastic though, for instance at night time some of the windows could change to neon to represent the lights being turned on, etc.

Overall great work though!

Good idea, I will implement that.

Club Penguin is definitely a good example of a game that had a unique setting rather than just a typical city, but I have one small detail to nitpick.

They actually invented their own fictional island (it was called “Club Penguin Island”, not related to the other game), it wasn’t on Antarctica.

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As others have said, not enough information. I like the style, as long as you fully embrace it (have characters match, customize tools, use consistent sounds). I’d definitely categorize it more as a simplistic design.

You’re going to have a lot of competition with that game-play. I hope you have an idea to keep the game-play unique, not just the style. Have NPCs with quests, time sensitive mini-games, environment-based consequences to decisions, etc.

Hey, good afternoon! The style’s very intriguing and feels like a detailed Robloxian style with all the blocky shapes. I would suggest adding some more props or details (if you want to change to a detailed polygon style). Fire escapes, store awnings, AC units, small window gardens, sewer plates with the name of the city, crosswalks, stop/walk signs, benches, bus stops (the little structure), power lines, parks, traffic enforcement props, billboards, satellite dishes, and hotdog stands to list a couple.

If you’re looking to add more detail to you’re existing models I would suggest adding depth and simplified shapes to further define them prop. If you look at the image below of a window that I’ve made, you’ll see the depth of the window and the protrusion of the base from the face of the wall along with the details of the cage and window frame.

I do love the style you’ve developed so far and you should consider the addition of the props, good luck!


Will add it soon!