Polygon count for phones - What would make phones lag too much

I will start off by saying: Yes, I know there are many types of phones, and there will always be some that lag in any game.

As a phone example I will use the iphone 8

My problem is that I don’t know how many polygons should I use for my cars in a racing game, I want it to be compatible with phones, without reducing quality too much for pc users, what would be your recomended polygon count? (8 cars at most during a race) I have heard thar around 10k should be fine, but I am not sure about this.

As far as I know, 10k triangles is the max per mesh.

Thanks for the input, so over 10k, would be too much for a mid-range phone, right?

In meshes, going over 10K triangles will get your mesh rejected instantly due to ‘too many triangles’.

Ah ok, but you can have more than one mesh, so that you can have a model that’s over 10k poly, so that’s not a problem.

Yes, however remember the more meshes you have, the more the client needs to download.

Generally when 3D modeling, obviously varying on what the model is, you should keep the minimum to 3-4k, and even lower if the model will be used frequently like a tree. For a phone, the tri-count doesn’t necessarily matter if it’s being used minimally(unless it’s an insanely high amount), but for the sake of your question I’d aim for 6-7k triangles. A technique often used is replacing detail with textures, so if you’re ever worried, I’d suggest that route. And for a tri-count that’d make phones lag just from the 3D model, probably a couple tens of thousands. Perhaps in the 20-30k range. But as I reiterate, I’d recommend around 6-7k tris. Hope this helps.

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I suggest that you develop a low tris(poly) car model with smooth shading while not worrying about the triscount. Just try to make the best looking car while keeping the triscount as low as possible.

10k tris is the max amount for uploading meshes to the site. While it’s the max, it isn’t the recommended. Obviously the lowest amount of tris while being able to tell what the object is (a car) is the recommended.

If you use one MeshId for all your cars, you should be relatively fine and you can go up to 10k, as long as all your other meshes are low in tris.

With simple tricks you can reduce tris and use smooth shading to give the illusion of high tris.

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