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Commissions are currently: :x: CLOSED

:exclamation: Please do not contact me regarding commissions (this includes permanent jobs) or when they will next be open. Currently, this is purely a showcase of my past work, as well as evidence of my ongoing development progression.

About Me

Hey, I’m Jack. I’m a programmer on the Roblox platform, and a Member of the DevForum. I joined Roblox in April 2016. In the time since joining, I have been working on personal projects, improving my knowledge of Roblox’s intepretation of Lua as well as participating in community discussions to help others.

Previously, I have worked with several game owners to improve their game in terms of versatility, performance and efficiency. As of March 2020, I’ve been working on my own game which is in very early stages of development.

Moreover, I have contributed to the community by releasing tutorials, and a plugin to aid with development. As well as this, I have assisted people in the Scripting Help category to fix their programs. I specialise mainly in database engineering/administrating & backend development with experience with JS, Python, Lua and C#.


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Application Centers

Open Source Projects

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Discord Bots

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Web Development
OFFSITE: Login page hooked up to a database through mysqli queries and PHP


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Current Projects

Owner Game or Group (if applicable) Status
@Polyheximal Team Valve :hammer: In Development
@Polyheximal Tropicasa Version 1 :white_check_mark: Complete
@HS_7 Outlander Studios :white_check_mark: Complete
@N_RS Zeitaku Hotels :negative_squared_cross_mark: Cancelled


To be determined

DevForum Contributions

Community Resources

Name Link Description Updated
SaveReminder Here Forget to save your game and as a result, lose progress when studio crashes out of the blue? Get into good habits with this plugin! February 29th 2020


Name Link Description Updated
A Guide to Filtering Text Here An easy to follow tutorial on how to filter text, and when to do it. February 26th 2020
Break Even Points Here Tutorial on how to identify BEPs, how to draw graphs and a guide to using it on Roblox. March 13th 2020


I’m available for minimal hours on weekdays. However on weekends (Fri-Sun), I will be available between 9AM and 11PM GMT. Below is a simple layout of my schedule. Please be aware that these aren’t fixed and can change, these are just to give a rough idea on when to contact me.


  • Varies sometimes, but usually 4PM - 9PM GMT


  • Friday 4PM - 11PM GMT
  • Saturday 9AM - 11PM GMT
  • Sunday 9AM - 9PM GMT


You can contact me in several ways. However, depending on my availability, it may take some time for me to respond to your message.

Methods of contacting:

Vouches from previous employers can be shown as evidence of successful projects in the past, if deemed necessary.


Yo would u he interested to be partner for my upcoming simulator? . That only if u are sure that u can script a sim and do all the programming and scripts

I’m not currently looking for work, sorry.

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Add me on discord, please. Username: Dalton#6694