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Introducing Employee IDs

Hello Popsiz staff! The Popsiz development team has introduced a new feature to the upcoming, Popsiz Version 2, Employee IDs!

Frequently asked questions;

  • What are employee ids?

Employee IDs are a way for our new systems at version 2 to recognize how many worker points you have. This ID will be unique to each and every staff member, so no need to worry about the system giving you someone else’s points! At any time if your data gets lost, developers are able to fetch your data and give you the points lost.

  • What will employee ids do?

Employee ids will allow you to do events within our facility as the ids store worker points. Employee ids also will allow certain users to perform certain actions. Developers will have panels to add certain employee ids to certain events such as calling HR and reverting transactions.

  • Who do I contact if my points get lost?

If our systems fail or Roblox’s API fails, all data should be retrieved however, it is possible that some data will be lost. If this is to happen, please contact a developer with the role ‘Data Access’. These users have access to all of the Popsiz database and are able to see how much data you have lost! The developers then will be able to give you all of your lost data back and you’ll be back to a normal employee career.

How do I view my employee ID?

To view your employee id, click the employee button that can be found on the left side of your screen! Then you will see all the information about your career here at Popsiz!



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