Popsiz Version 3: 2/12/2022 Update Log

New Features

Valentines Decor: Let’s get in the Valentine Spirit! You may notice that some changes around the map have been made. LEDs are now Pink & Red, heart lights on the street lights also! Enjoy this decor while it lasts. Ask your barista about the new Pink Hot Chocolate aswell!

Valentines Quest: Go over to Joshua’s stand and help him find his missing teddy bears! These teddies only like one food and will only eat this one food, Strawberry Macarons! You will get an exclusive badge and 100 P$, along with a nametag icon.

Trash Bins: Now introducing Trash Bins! Did you accidentally grab too many of something or no longer want a tool, find your nearest trash bin. These bins are located all around the interior of the facility.

More Icecream Toppings: Ever since Version 2 was released there were toppings. When Version 3 was released the only remaining toppings were the Fudge Sauce and Cherries. This all changed now, check out the new Chocolate Bars, Gummy Bears, and Sprinkles all available to put on your Icecream.

Build Detail Changes: A few changes have been made to the overall build. First, over at the bar new seating has been added. You may have also realized there is a new skylight over the Carpeted Ordering Area.

Notepad Command: A new command for baristas! Do you need to take notes on an order or a tip from someone? Use the !notepad command and a new UI will open right for your convenience.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed some invisible mesh issues
  • Improved time cycle & fixed time always being set as day…
  • Decreased brightness of LEDs during daytime.
  • LEDs now adjust to the time cycle.
  • Construction continues down by the tunnel
  • Minor lighting changes.

Leave us your thoughts about this update in our communications server. Report any bugs to the dedicated channel. [Check out](https://www.roblox.com/games/7912860573/NEW-Popsiz-Version-3) this new update in-game.

UsedSpxse, Chairman
Popsiz Leadership and Development