"Popular for my age" Filter on games list

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult for me to market a game that only appeals to a specific age group of players. If the age of players that likes my game the most isn’t in the majority, I not only have less of an audience that likes my game, but it’s also much harder for me to market my game to the target audience in the first place.

I’m not asking for an age - specific advertising service, but I do think that it would be really awesome if people who are, for example, 18+, could easily find games that they like.

My suggestion is a filter on the games list for games that are “Popular for my age”. Considering we already have a “Popular near me” filter, I think this would fit into the front page just fine.

Now, obviously there are a large amount of people who lie about their age, and there are a lot of people who play games outside of their age range, so this isn’t going to be the most accurate, amazing system ever. But it would definitely end up helping, and I think it would be a good addition to the site.


Wow I actually like this idea a lot

It’s a great idea, but there’s one flaw: There’s a large portion of users who have fake ages on their account. Chances are they just selected a random date so it would make them 13+.

I highly doubt I have just as many 18+ people playing my game as I do 9-10 or <6. This sort will be cluttered with games I’m not interested in at all.


I think ideally there would be some “magic” algorithm that automatically suggests games using machine learning and robux-spending habits, that would take age as one of its inputs.



As I said, it wouldn’t be perfect. But there definitely is a large enough audience of 18+ members to have some sort of impact.

I think it wouldn’t be too hard to add some sort of “Weight” to the filter algorithm to make up for fake accounts.

#18+visits + (#18+visits*ratio_of_18+_to_other_age_groups) = final sort “score”.

It wouldn’t be perfect, and it would take a lot of editing to get right, but I do imagine it being semi-accurate in the end.

Now that’s a really good idea. It could increase profits and visits.

I can see this either being abused a lot or just a rehash of the top earning category. I think it’s better to suggest games based on playtime AND robux-spending habits (which I’m almost sure is already used for recommended).

Yea I think I really like this. It would also allow us devs to be more lax when putting iffy things in our games. I think it would be nice if there were an age limit to visit games; this way devs can relax the chat filter, upload assets that would need to be interpreted in context (ex: Nazi flag in a WWII game vs Nazi flag in a neo-Nazi game that’s against ROBLOX TOS.) Anyways, to stay on topic I’d like to have games filtered/suggested by popular age group.

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