Popular Plugin Disappeared From Marketplace Catalog Listing and Search Results

My plugin has suddenly disappeared from the Roblox catalog listing and search results on the website and in Roblox Studio.

Epic UI Pack by MapleMarvel

Expected behavior

The plugin does not show up when viewing plugins, or in any search results by name, keyword, or author in either the website or Studio.
It used to be listed as well as in the search results, but suddenly has completely disappeared.

Creator Market Place

  • Not in list or search results

Roblox Studio

  • Not in list or search results

A private message is associated with this bug report

Roblox likes to shadow ban games and assets and stuff until their algorithm decides it’s not spam.

It doesn’t even show up even if you specifically search for it…

at least it appears in the My Plugins section for those of us who have it


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It started happening on August 1st. Prior to that, the plugin was listed and appeared in the search results.

Sorry about this @MapleMarvel! The asset should show up now. We’ll look into how we can prevent things like this happening in the future