Portal 2 stuff and L4D2 stuff

Hello there reader, It is me again and I come here again to show you what i’ve been working on lately. You may know me from the TF2 stock weapons and first TF2 weapon pack post i posted few months ago.
Not to elongate the description. Here’s the stuff.

Portal 2 Stuff:
Portal gun

Portal gun and GLaDOS as a potato aka; potatOS

Left 4 Dead 2 Stuff
M1911 Pistols

Grenade Launcher



Clarification for one thing:

  • I am sincerely sorry for out of proportion images.

Anyways time for fun facts:

  • The longest time took to make out of these things was the Portal Gun due to amount of detail. (around 12 hours including times for breaks)
  • The shortest time took to make out of these things were both shotguns (Normal pump and Chrome)
  • Potato GLaDOS was the hardest thing to make because of the cables going around the potato.

if left for dead 2 roblox game = i need to play it

the portal gun and potato looks like the real thing its amazing

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If only I got some help with scripting, it would happen.

dont worry i dont know how to script


If you need a scripted please refer to #collaboration:recruitment to hire a professional scripter.

Amazing creations tho.

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Thanks, and finding a professional scripter for me, like. I have no luck with scripters so i think those will be stuck as models.

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You could sell the Portal 2 assets to get funding for the Left 4 Dead 2.

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Maybe i will, just gotta make more assets and probs sell it as a pack.

Also a bit of advise on learning scripting!

I recommend looking at community tutorials some people do good ones, find that here.

  • Watch tutorials on youtube by other developers, I suggest people such as; RoScripter, AlvinBlox and TheDevKing as most of them have series for beginners and they stream too sometimes for you to tune in and have look.

  • Try using the developer hub, it clearly explains things for your code if you ever get stuck! I highly recommend it.

  • Use devforum help and feedback area if you ever get stuck or want feedback on your work from other developers.

Hopefully this supports you, good luck in your future endeavors as a developer on the platform! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice my dude :ok_hand:

anytime mate, if you need help with development lemmie know

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People say you need to 3D model to have good quality weapons and models. Just look at these amazing builds!

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I would love to script the portal gun since I am still trying to make my own guns work smoothly also I have done something similar to a portal gun.

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