Portal 2 stuff; Episode 2

Hello there reader, It is me again and I come here to showcase you what have I’ve been doing lately.
It’s not even been a day and I already have new things to show.

Today’s sake is Portal 2 stuff, More specific: Props and a Character.

The stuff:

Weighted Cubes

Weighted Companion Cube:

It contains nothing inside of it, IS NOT for storage purposes, WILL NOT threaten to stab you in the dark.

Weighted Storage Cube:

Used for storage reasons (Nobody knows how stuff get inside). Also used for pressing big red buttons on the floor to open doors or to release another cube.



Space core:

Fun facts:

  • Space core is a reskin of Wheatley (All what you have to do is just to make a different eye, and by make, i mean it.)

  • The Cores took me around 4 hours to make while the cubes took 1 hour.

  • I had serious union problems when making the cores.

  • Soon i will be attempting on the Portal’s Turrets and Defective Turrets. And maybe GLaDOS herself.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I do everything with unions.


amazing work your very talented at what you do :exploding_head: :clap:

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