Portals for simulator map

Hi all , Just looking for some feedbacks to improve this build and what else can i add to this?


This reminds me of GlitchyPumkin’s portals for his simulator map; his was literally insane

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This post was made by GlitchyPumkin lol. As for the portals, I like the low poly look as they match a majority of simulator maps; like what @Andrewthebeast3284 said they also look a bit sci-fi like, which I think is interesting.


I really like the colors for the portals and the sci-fi type style. :+1:


That’s the point. :coefficients:

I really like the portals! I feel like there could be more different colored crystals scattered around it.

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The low-poly style you use for the surrounding environment fits great with the portals!
Nice job!

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This looks awesome, just plain awesome.

Nice work on them :smiley:

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That looks really good! I love the simplicity of the build. One suggestion I have is to add crystals for all the colors of the portals. For example, you have purple, pink, green, white, yellow, red, and orange portals, but only purple, red, green, and blue crystals surrounding the portals. What I would do if I were in your position, is add at least one colored crystal for every portal matching it’s color.

This is kind of off topic, but what kind of mesh did you use for the force field surrounding the portals? I have achieved this effect before, but mine always had squares pulsing in it rather than hexagons like yours. Here is a picture of mine.

If you could share with me your secret for achieving this effect, I would be most grateful!