Hello, my name is asunoandkrito and I am a builder. I had a previous portfolio, but it is severely outdated, so this is my new one. I have expanded my services into the modelling sphere. I can model guns and other simple props like grenades or axes, which you can see below.

I also no longer use much or any free models in my builds any more. I have worked for a couple of dead end projects, but also worked for this one successful studio called :star:Unlimited Studios!:star: - Roblox.


Newest Modelled Guns: Uzi, M4 Carbine, MP5, AK12

WW2 Project: FM 24/29, MAS36, MAS38

Previous Project I worked for:

Older Guns: CZ805 Bren, Custom M4-type, Double Barrel, FAMAS, Fictional Tactical Shotgun


Crappy Car:

crappy car

Gadgets for current personal project:


Assorted Old Stuff: Police Vest, Einstosflammenwerfer, Sten Gun, German AT gun, Jurassic Park Stun Stick, First Try MP7


Security Armory:


Since I am still a student, I won’t always be online or working fast. I usually work the most on the weekends or holidays (I’m in the US). I am only able to do small commissions, like a bedroom or a single decent prop for 1 payment.


I can only accept Robux or Robux gift cards.
Bedroom: 250 Robux
Grocery Store size: 300-500 Robux
Law Enforcement-type Buildings: 300-3K Robux depending on size
SMGs: 300 Robux each
Assault Rifles: 400 Robux each
Snipers: 550-1K Robux each (depends on model, something like an AWM would be most expensive, and something like a Remington 700 would be 550)
Props: 50-500 Robux, Depends on what prop it is.

I have to be able to join your group and you pay me there, or you send the code over Discord. Speaking of which,


I am available on Discord only: NotAsunIswear#6298

My Roblox Profile: Profile - Roblox


Thank you for viewing my portfolio and I hope to model and build for you very soon.