[Portfolio] 21kOsaka's building portfolio

About Me
Building Info:
My name is 21kOsaka, I have been a studio/ blender builder for a year (almost 2 years), I have developed for cafe groups and army groups. I can build with low/ medium poly style, I also use blender.
Please read my profile’s bio, it’ll explain why my account isn’t a year old or two.
Note: Please message me directly on DevForum so I can know that you are the one who is adding me Discord. Thank you!

Past work




Everyday unless I have personal issues or online classes.

It can be robux or USD (Paypal)
Paypal payment minimum: $5
Robux minimum: 200R$
Percentage minimum: 25%

You can contact me on discord: vampiric#5258

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

I can also build more models for proof if you want


Seems kind of odd since your account is less than a year old. Are you sure you did 2 years? If not please tell the truth next time.

Please read my profile’s bio, it will explain.