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About me

I’m a Roblox GUI/UI designer that specializes in basic UI (nothing advanced). I’ve been doing UI for about 2 months. Please bear with me as I’m not the best when it comes to scripting, I’m still learning and have a passion for doing UI.


I charge 100-500 per asset. A percentage is fine but a fee will be charged just in case the game flops.


To contact me, leave a comment with your Discord Username and tag, then send me a friend request on discord. DailyPlayedRoblox#3357

If you have any suggestions to add/fix with my portfolio please tell me

I think you should try on re-making portflio,is quite simple, take some time to make good GUI’s


Thanks for the feed back! I will diffidently be doing this. Is it best to edit it? Or just completely make a new post.

Edit it to prevent people flag for spam (sometimes people is quite annoying on devforum)
But, keep up good work!!

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Okay! I will edit the post. Again thanks for the feedback!

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Sir this is his portfolio! he can do what he wants and if you’re that eager on giving advice DM him. I’m sure he makes his UIs using studio so it’s very limited

Not really, not really limited at all.

Please note that I did say “If you have any suggestions to add/fix with my portfolio please tell me” in the post. What @varjoy said was a suggestion. No need to get mad.

If you think someone telling you in your comments of your post that you need to redo your designs, your portfolio is simple which by dictionary definition means “easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty“ and you need to make good GUIs is good advice and for your portfolio to attract customers, good for you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m obviously not going to do everything he said. but I do see in some parts where I could have done better.