[Portfolio] Builder, Developer, Game Designer and Modeler


Hi there! I’m Gaelgamer123654. I’m playing Roblox since 2015, and i always want to create my own game. But i was young (I created my account when i was 8y old) and i couldn’t make a decent game.

I was born in 2007 and i’m good at Game Design, Building, Modeling and i know a bit of scripting.
I started being a focused developer in 2020 and i think i already did some good things.
By the way i’m from Brazil, so if i misspell any words, sorry.

Twitter: @ggaelstorm

My models
I have a showcase place that you can visit here.

Here are some screenshots of my work.


My games
In the link showed before (here), you can see a summary of my 2 games.

- cube

In this game you are a cube and you can walk, explore the world, find secrets and play with your friends! Credits to Dinlilo02 who is also a developer of this game.
Some screenshots

Game link

- Project Rooms

In this game you have to solve the puzzle and find the code to pass the door to the next room. (Not released yet)
Some screenshots

Game link

My models - Copia

I’m also good at making GUIs

Some screenshots

I will put more things here in the future, thanks for reading :cowboy_hat_face: