[PORTFOLIO] (Builder|3D Modeler) Yuvha's Portfolio

Hello! I’m Yuvha. I do both building as well as 3D modeling. I have experience with Substance Painter as well as SAI2 and can create high detailed work through mesh baking. I also do some work with 3D sculpting as well and prefer to use this in order to create various creatures/monsters, although I’m also comfortable with asset creation whether that be nature assets, furniture, accessories, etc. I’ve been an active member on Roblox since 2012 and I’ve been developing for 3 years.

Project Contributions:

3D Artist for: Sonar Studios - Roblox / Twin Atlas - Roblox
Accessory Designer for: WarriorCatsRP - Roblox
Former Contributor for: Bitware Games - Roblox
Former Senior Developer for: .+Voidkin Daycare+. - Roblox

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition

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Voidkin Daycare

Personal work/Singular Assets

3D Assets
Low Poly

High Poly/Baked


General Assets




USD and Robux are both acceptable forms of payment. Payment should be given upon completion of the asset unless discussed otherwise; I will not accept work if you are unable to currently pay for what is requested.

You can contact me through Discord at Hebi#0002

Commissions are not currently open
Please do not contact me through the devforum.

Last updated: 6/16/2022