Portfolio category not visible on the Collaboration front page

So I recently noticed that the Portfolio category is not listed in the “front page” of the Collaboration category. Here is a screenshot sharing explanation this:

Additionally, it is visible on the Search page once you actually click on the Collaboration category. Here is a screenshot explaining it as well:

I believe this started happening a few weeks ago, but I’m not entirely sure. Ever since the Asset Marketplace got removed, the Portfolio category haven’t been visible on there.

You likely have the #collaboration:portfolios category muted.

(those are just my settings for #forum-feedback)

If the bell icon is crossed out then that means you have muted the category therefore it won’t show up unless you’re specifically searching for it. Much like bulletin board the category is really only meant for specific people (portfolios is mostly meant for people looking to hire someone).

The entire #collaboration category was muted by default at one point but that was changed. However I think #collaboration:portfolios was kept muted by default. Not sure about that though because I changed it myself.


Ah, that was the problem. I forgot I muted it because of spam and I forgot to unmute it :joy:

Well, thanks for the help. :slight_smile: