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Greetings! Brief Introduction

Greetings. I am an experienced ROBLOX scripter. I specialize in Lua. I design UIs and animate.


As stated previously, I am experienced in ROBLOX. I am pretty known with Hire Developers for my previous projects, quick and excellent quality of the product I deliver to the employer.
I worked for many popular groups as commissions.
Commissioned by:
Serendipity Support Center
Evolve Entertainment
GaΙactic Republic


I am pretty much available most of my time.


I am not a free developer, I do get paid for the product(s) I deliver.
Prices are negotiable, of course, depending on the job. I only accept ROBUX as a method of payment, anything besides that is not supported.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at b5x0#1113 or at Hire Developers Server for further details.

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awesome i contacted you on discord!