[Portfolio] For Hire Low/High Poly terrain builder

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder. I specialize in Low, High Poly terrain . I have been building for an upcoming game.

You can view my work here:

I am available for one to three hours a day.But you can contact me almost any time.

Small assets:50-100 R$ or 0.25-0.65 USD
Medium assets:110-150 R$ or 0.70-0.90 USD
Large assests:155-170 R$ or 0.95-1.10 USD

Small terrain:155-175 R$ or 0.95-1.15 USD
Medium terrain:180-215 R$ or 1.20-1.55 USD
Large terrain:220-300 R$ or 1.60-2.10 USD

You can contact me on discord EliteToni#6936
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


MechoPuhBg Is a fast working builder who is dedicated to his work. I recommend him if you are looking for someone who will quickly get the job done.

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That terraining looks pretty sick, Add some lighting and It’d be really cool

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