Portfolio - Pyroheide

About Me:
Hello, thanks for giving this a view.
I am Pyroheide and I am a programmer on Roblox. I have been developing for 8 years.

Languages I’m fluent in:

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. JavaScript & NodeJS
  3. Lua
  4. Swift
  5. PHP
  6. SQL
  7. Java
  8. C#
  9. Bash (Unix shell)
  10. Ardunio

Projects I participated in:

Smashing Simulator


Smashing Simulator is a game where you smash objects to get bigger and bigger!

:video_game: Click to view the game

Hat Simulator

Hat simulator is a game which you stack catalog hats and try to make the longest hat stack!

:video_game: Click to view the game

  • A simple minimap sytem. Can use @Widgeon’s Minimap Creator in its background.
  • Familiar with making vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, boats, submarines and planes.
  • Auto group-ranking bot for large Roblox groups.
  • Cross-game communication system. (Died after MessagingService)

Currently not hireable.

Roblox: Pyroheide
Twitter: @Pyroheide


Are you fluent in all of those languages?

if so that’s quite impressive

This is amazing how much scripting language you know.

Know as in have heard of, or are you fluent in the languages?

Are you fluent in any of these “languages”? Some of them aren’t even languages to begin with.


So far I could only view Giant’s return since the others were privatized,paid access, or I didn’t meet the necessary requirements to view it.

Is there any videos or any possible chance you could republish the place so I can fully validate your skill? Other then that your portfolio looks promising.

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This is a poor portfolio. You listed languages you ‘know’, but are not experienced in (fluent). You linked roblox games, half of which are basic and half are unavailable. You listed no examples of the languages you claim to know. Portfolio needs a re-do with better fronts.


To be completely clear, do you mean that you work at Roblox or on Roblox?


I do feel a lot of stuff can be taken the wrong way, as mentioned above, e.g. wrong references “I work at roblox” instead of “I script on roblox”, also there is zero information on any projects, screenshots, gifs etcetera, you could have included references, people to contact. Lastly, there’s a difference between “knowing” and knowing. You either know how it works and how you use it, or you know it exists but that is about it.

As someone who follows courses in college to become a professional coder; I can say with experience that even within the duration of my course it’s next to impossible to master those languages, let alone when you’re done with school. A person can only utilize so much information. Almost makes me think you are buffing up your portfolio.

EDIT: HML even when corrected to HTML is not considered a language, furthermore you may wish to limit your knowledge to relevant languages, and ones you are confident about you can utilize. It would be a bit of a shame to be questioned about a language and realizing your knowledge on it is poor, if you fix this to reflect what you are good in, this will help both sides; you and the client.


I, as well “know” multiple languages, you just have to figure out the fundamentals, and how to run the sequences using the correct commands. You also have to be organized. I encourage you all to try scripting. Also, please do not just specify the languages you know as your portfolio presentation. Can you also specify your price range for an entire game? I also see no proof that you worked for “Rain Entertainment”. Please work on these various problems I’m pointing out to you, and thanks for your time.

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OpenGl isn’t a language and same with some others. Plus you shouldn’t just list all the languages that you sort of know, only ones that you are truly fluent in.

I updated it, now it shows the languages I am fluent in.

Yeah thanks for the feedback, I updated my portfolio now it shows the languages I am fluent in.

Yeah fixed that thank you!

HTML and CSS are not programming languages, they’re markups.

Also I’d change

To Languages I'm fluent in

Cmon… Everyone knows that but it still counts. Hypertext Markup Language.

I modified it.

I meant programming language, my bad.


Are all of your sites W3C compliant and do you have any work I can review? (Related to Web)

Add me on Discord, I cannot post there cause its an advertisement.

I would prefer you post here, as this post is effectively your advert to the Roblox dev community.

If you wish to, you can PM me on here or add my Discord, railworks2#0001