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About Me

Hi, I’m real_artxficial. I have been developing on ROBLOX since 2012, I specialize in building, the rest of my skills aren’t as polished but they are decent. I started building using the ROBLOX Stamp Tool and then worked my way up learning new skills along the way. I mainly build in high poly, unfortunately I do not do low poly.

I also do Animations, UI, VFX, and Modeling.

Games I have contributed to:

Hunter x Story
Alchemy Origins
Heaven’s Tower
A Bender’s Will 2
A Ninja’s Last Will
Digimon Masters
A 0ne Piece Game
Fairy Tail: Magic Era


You can view one of my projects here:

Here are some examples of my work

High Detail

Mid Detail





I am available for six to eight hours of work on most weekends. I am usually able to work after school as well.


I accept either one-time payouts for assets or percentages if it’s a long term project. I sometimes work for free depending on the project and who I am working with. Prices are negotiable and can vary depending on the task.


Discord: artxficial#2179
ROBLOX: https://www.roblox.com/users/54285031/profile
Here on the Devforums

I prefer being contacted through discord.

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Demon mode, let’s go!!! Either ways, hope this works out

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