[Portfolio] renfully | Builder

Hello there! My name is Erick, I am 16 years old, I live in Germany and I’m an upcoming builder. I joined Roblox in year 2016 and since then, it has been an amazing ride! I’ve tried out many things that I could make like 2D designing or scripting, but they ended up getting boring. I’ve got invited to random building contests and I ended up winning a lot, so I decided to start using my creativity into big creations. I’ve started building with F3X in year 2020, since then I enjoyed it a lot!

Random Projects

just for practice

angel's basement

Japanese store

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I never really saved my old showcases so they are gone, but I will add more showcases soon in the future!

I only accept payments via Robux and my prices aren’t too high, since I’m new to 3D modeling.

I’m always available on Twitter and Discord!
Discord: erick#2345
Twitter: @renfully

Thank you for reading my portfolio!