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Greetings! I’m Rixzty, and I’ve been on the Roblox Platform since 2016. I am mostly known for building and programming. However, nowadays I am no longer building and I am focused on programming, translating and web development.

Public Work

I’ve been working on several projects that you will be able to see blow.

  • Work for El Paso Border Patrol Roleplay, I have worked as a full-time Developer and part time.

    Programming; I have been programming different type of scripts for the game such as the
    snow script and different Discord to Roblox scripts.
    Building; I’ve been making multiple building tasks, such as decorating the map terrain manually for winter, made different buildings and had the chance to make numerous changes on the snow update.

  • Work for Reserve System, I have worked as Programmer, my main duty was to program scripts to prevent exploiters and so on. I also maintained the game’s website.

    Web Development; I had the chance to program the website of Reserve System, making sure the website was up to date and working properly.
    Programming; I was focused on fixing bugs and errors in the game. I had also to make sure that there were no major breaches.

  • Canterbury School, a School roleplay in Roblox but with voluntary members to work as teacher. I had the chance to build different parts of the map and was the Creative Director for events.

  • Varito’s Eurovision Song Contest, currently the Executive Director of the Contest, I have been doing multiple tasks such as scripting, building and managing the group.

  • EuroSongs Singers Contest, actually a Executive Supervisor of the Contest, I am doing multiple tasks during shows and when preparing them, scripting, building and managing.


Prominent Event; Helped programming lighting, voting system and a moving strobes and spotlight platform.

Here are some examples about the technology I scripted, all of this was controled by keyboard, basically it’s called keybind, I am still working in a V2 of those systems and I am looking forward to sell them. Those models were created in Blender thanks to an old friend.



Blinder Pro



I have also created few screen systems which I am currently working on improving them.

  • Free Work
    Dressing Panel - I’ve worked on a dressing panel with numerous functions, to remove clothes
    and to add them, a very simply system which benefits Roblox Eurovision Contests, the system is
    currently for free and can be requested to me, it has a simple use to change your character clothes, accesories, hair, eyes, etc. Download it!
    Camera Master (CuePilot) - This system is currently being developed, I am working with
    @borjaelbro on it and hopefully will be released in a short time.
    Follow Spotlight - This module is very useful to point a light when someone is in an stage or
    so, this module is nearly developed and will be released shortly.
Web Development

I am actively working in this development sector, I have gained much knowledge during all the time since I started working in web development.

I have done numerous websites for many Roblox groups such as Reserve System, EuroSongs Singers Contest, Varito’s Eurovision Song Contest, Canterbury School and so on.

  • Websites; These are the websites I am currently maintaining and have been programmed by me.
    Our Eurovision Song Contest; It’s an online contest held in discord, and it’s voting works through website, here is the voting link and main website link.
    Matematika; This website is an educational website approved by the Basque Government, we keep publishing new content to it and I keep updating it with new features:
    TwitchPlus; is a platform to watch multiple streams at the same time. Check it out!


  • Community Manager; At the moment I am the Community Manager of Latin Union, one of the newest and biggest channels of latin music around the world. My main task is to unite community, make people happy and create posts on the community tab, answer comments and keep growing the community we currently have.

  • Translating; I have translated a few games, El Paso Border Roleplay and Reserve System to Spanish.

⋄ Spanish: Native
⋄ English: B2 Certification
⋄ French: A2 Certification
⋄ Basque: Native (However, I have a B2 Certification)
⋄ Italian: No certification at the moment, I have recently started learning it.

At the moment, I accept numerous payment methods when doing work. I accept the use of PayPal, Bizum, PaySafeCard and Wire Transfers. However I also accept Robux payments depending to the projects but I usually do accept Robux payments.
If you have a project or a comission, message me and we can talk about the payment after I can have some information about what you need.

I am open to projects, I am currently working in a few groups and I will be updating my Porfolio regularly. If you have any questions ask me in admin@rix.dev or in the medias below.

Contact Medias:

Feel free to give me feedback. I will appreciate anything as it helps me for future projects/work.


A speaker at A1 level would be considered a “Beginner” in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This primarily includes interpretation of immediate necessity, basic introduction and basic vocabulary.
The National Center for Biotechnology Information (U.S. National Library of Medicine) assessed the accuracy of Google Translate in interpretation of data extracted from French academic research articles (PhD and/or MD level) and found that it was very accurate.
So, Google Translate has a higher capacity than an A1 speaker.

Regarding the Original Post:
I am so happy you’re looking into gaining experience as a translator!
As a fellow Spaniard, I highly recommend you stick to that (and euskara if I’m correct in guessing you’re from there) rather than French, at least until you’re a bit more experienced with that language.
I do believe that an Advanced in English would be sufficient for game translation as it is intended for professional certification.
The more experienced you are in a language, the more fit you are to translate to/from it, but it takes a lot of training! That’s why I don’t think a language you don’t really control is a good idea.

If you ever need advice on your Internationalization aspirations, shoot me a message!
Good luck. :smiley:


Thank you! I am more interested on translating games to Spanish, as I am still trying to gain the certification for French because I have been for a very long time trying to get EGA for Basque and Advanced for English.

Are you still looking for a job? I am currently looking for scripters for a simulator game. If you would like to contact me you can DM me via Discord: Zekticezy#4903.

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Can’t find you, says invalid user! :anguished:

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First of all: Great Work! Your builds and scripting seem good. My question: How much robux do you charge for community managing?

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the Z in the start is lowercase, sorry (zekticezy#4903)

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Well, I love doing Management tasks so I usually do it for free, I do accept bonus payments but I usually work for free as I experience it as a hobby!

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Thank you very much! Will send you a request shortly!

Hey, I’m interested in hiring you but can’t find your Discord. Add me when you get a chance: colten#7216

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Of course! Replied. :slight_smile:

Hey, what’s your new tag on Discord as the current one will not work.

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Oh sorry for the late reply, had to finish the last week of exam. My new tag is Rixzty#0001