Portfolio: Slimey_Pancakez

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a Composer, Developer Manager, QA Tester, or Leadership Positions for your game!
As A Composer: I will make any sort of genre of audio and I am very Payment Flexible!
I specialize in background music

As a Developer Manager:
I can easily make a simple schedule with deadlines and such!

As a QA Tester:
I can look at building bugs, glitches, etc. (I can NOT check scripts)

As A Leadership/Administration Role:
I can manage staff, keep people active, make sure people do their jobs and much more!


I am available quite a bit


I am very flexible with my pay. You can make an offer and I will accept or decline.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Coltonoob
My Primary Social, discord is Koruton#6969
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Some of my work

I have not made much but here are some things i made a few weeks ago

Note that these are slightly out of date and I have improved quite a bit.
im lazy but here is some more of my work -2021 Colton

Portfolio Mega Update!!! (These songs are what you should hear!!!)

I have Done Multiple Commissions, Jobs, Etc. but I have a privacy agreement (non-disclosure)
See also: [Slimey_Pancakez, Developer Manager](my other portfolio…)


I’d recommend puting examples of your work.


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You should put examples of your work. I doubt anybody will hire you or be interested if they don’t know what your work looks like. (:

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You need to add examples so people can listen to some samples


nice stuff, but i got earraped by the first audio demo haha.

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Lol sorry i forgot to warn how loud it was xD

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Can you show this? I am a bit curious. :eyes:

Sure! I will be editing my portfolio this friday!

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Oop i haven’t updated it. Lemme do that tonight :sweat_smile:

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have you updated it yet? i want to listen to more music

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Sorry I have been very busy ;-;

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Hey! I am looking for a long term music composer for my studio group. If you are interested, please contact me on Discord: awesome#0001

btw, your discord is not working for me.

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[insert amount of days later] …

added… sorry for taking so long ;-;

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yep lol just added sorry for taking forever

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you have improved! also can you REALLY do pixelart or is i t joke

i can rlly do pixelart… also thx

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i think this portfolio is slightly misleading… calling yourself an “experienced” composer probably means you have a bare minimum of a year worth of experience, but the portfolio says you’ve only made a few things. the music itself also isn’t the best imo, none feel complete and often are very short. i’d suggest waiting longer before calling yourself “experienced”, but hey you do you ¯_(ツ)_/¯

i also like mark zuckerberg

I have only made a couple of roblox things. I have been a composer for 5-6 years also the older stuff was all i could find as i got a new computer

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