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Hello there! On the DevForum, it is currently difficult to find a specific developer for a commission type. (Building, Programming, etc.) Now, I know that you can just search for this, but I sometimes find a post asking if a person is a builder, or it just gets cluttered with replies to a builder’s post. This can be true for any developer type.

Now for my solution. I propose that Roblox split #collaboration:portfolios into sub-categories, so we’d get #building-portfolios and such.

Some people reading this may already see one issue:
“What about developers with multiple skills?”
Well, what if Roblox put an announcement on the Forum telling us that we can now split our portfolios? That also makes it easier for the reader. They won’t have to look through so many different drop downs and headings. It will be a short, concise portfolio for one skill.

There is one more thing (well, two, but they go together), to address. What happens to old portfolios? Well, we have the announcement mentioned earlier, but old portfolios that people don’t split can be put into a category, #other. This category can also be used for smaller developers who don’t have a category because Roblox can’t add every single possible profession.

To summarize, Roblox should split #collaboration:portfolios into subcategories, and allow developers to create new separate portfolios.

Thanks for reading!


Bad idea. Mainly due to the fact that it’s going to be spammed and abused by others. Also, what should people who do more than one thing, like me who not only builds but also animated, makes 3d models and logos, do in that case? Multiple portfolios when I can have one in the same place?


I would really want this! The only downside is the amount of clutter the forum would have.

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It is physically not possible to have sub-sub-categories. I said this before, I will say it again, #collaboration does not deserve any more attention now, with the talent hub coming out despite currently being in private beta. You can search by tag in the category instead. i.e tag:programmer category:83


Many people do not use tags. And why not just make #collaboration:portfolios its own category?

How exactly? Can you elaborate?

The thing is, having multiple makes them more organized. It is sometimes very hard to find one thing in a portfolio when I could just read one separate one.

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The subcategories being treated like #help-and-feedback:cool-creations where they just post new stuff with “here’s where you can hire me!”

That is false. There are a lot of multi-work portfolios that are way cleaner than they would’ve been if they were separated.

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