[Portfolio] UI Designer For Hire! [Updated]

Note: I do basic scripting functions and some semi-advanced tweens shown in my showcase.

Hello, my name is Astrixos and I’m a UI Designer who uses primarily adobe Xd(occasionally figma) to make Uis. I do also make some of my UIs on studio, however. I’m a very catering person and can fulfil customer needs, no matter what. I will always alter my style to your liking and make sure the product is delivered with quality.

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Note: Icons are not made by me and are simply place holders(apart from the Quest UI)

Animations - examples of what I can do

Simple Icons

Group 1
Group 13
Group 7
Group 3
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Cartoony UI

Car Selection UI

Select UI


Google recreation

For this UI I made all icons.

Quest UI

Message UI

Group 6@3x

Confirm Purchase UI

Group 7@3x

Among Us Style UI

Trading UI

Locker UI

Achievements UI

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I’m very active and am active 2 - 5 hours a day on average. I will usually respond quite fast to dms as well.

  • Note, the product will take some time to be finished, depending on complexity. The harder, the more time it will take. A full set may take a day or two for example.

  • I respond quite fast to dms and if I do not that means I’m sleeping or busy temporarily.

  • I can rescale UIs on request.

  • I am also able to script basic functions, open and close and also tweens.

  • I am also able to incorporate the UIs in game for you.

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Payment is negotiable. I accept limiteds, robux, paypal and giftcards. I require some payment before I start, but it’s always negotiable. I do not accept robux via shirts however, due to the 30 percent tax and now 7 day wait period.
Usual prices range from

  • 1k - 10k for a full set of UIs

  • 1k - 2k for a small set of UIs

  • Large set - USD - $30 - $70 dependant on whether I script and animate them as well as the amount.

  • Small set - USD - $10 - $20.

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You can contact me here or on discord. My tag is Astra#9916. Have a great day and thank you for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:!


If you up for a commission. I would love to receive a DM here in Devforum!