Portions of a map not loading in (stream issue)


A game of mine loads a different map every round. The issue is one specific map refuses to load certain portions on both my laptop and phone, while still loading fine on my main desktop computer.

Here is what I see:

The above screenshots show parts of the map not loaded in even after playing for six minutes. Collisions also do not work, implying the instances are completely nil.

Other players in the server, on their end, see me walking through walls and even entire hills. The server also thinks I am cheating if I walk in these areas.

How can I fix this issue?

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I recommend you check their detail level/parts, (if grouped) or check the names of any value that may be inside, If you are using an anti lag, it will delete them for better graphics.

Few questions about the map loading process:

  1. Do you load the map by doing cloning as a whole (1 piece/model/folder)?

  2. Have you checked via studio’s client view through the phone emulator? Are there there any references to the part or is it actually nonexistent?

This isn’t the case.

Neither is this.

It’s loaded as a whole.

The emulator does not replicate this issue.

I suggest you try loading the map piece by piece.
It would give the clients more time to load and causes less lag spikes than cloning the whole.

It seems that some.portions of your map aren’t loaded at all, so perhaps handling the map piece by piece can solve it.

(In the thread they use wait(), I assume task.wait() would work as well)

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Lag is not the issue here, simply because there are not enough render cells to cause that issue.

Did you try atleast try? (Since only some parts of your map aren’t loaded, it may work. And you’ll be able to also monitor which parts are being added and see if those ones are in the loop).

Is the archive-able property set to true on those parts/models?(I assume it is but better check anyways, since you say it’s only those parts).

Chunk loading won’t fix it because the parts load in after about 10-12 minutes. Additionally, the parts that don’t appear still do appear for everybody else.

And the archivable property is true. If it was false, it wouldn’t show for anybody. On top of that, I wouldn’t even see it in studio if it wasn’t archivable.

This is still an issue.

I’ve determined this is an issue out of my control that required a performance-heavy workaround. Because this is such an issue, I’ve created a bug report that I hope you all can support.