"Portuguese" on the new Game Name and Description Translations Page is too ambiguous



Recently Roblox released a new page, accessible from the develop page, allowing developers to localize game descriptions and titles.

Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese are different languages and can’t be generalized as one singular language “Portuguese”. Currently, developers are localizing their game in European Portuguese because of assumptions being made, this being clarified would fix that. The only reason developers know what “Portuguese” refers to is because Roblox supports it and not European Portuguese at the moment, so if this was clarified to say “Portuguese (Brazilian)” it would benefit everybody.


It definitely makes sense to make these differentiations between languages that suffer major differences in a shared language (Portuguese, its dialects, including the Brazilian Portuguese dialects may be in this situation).
Spanish luckily has what’s recognised as a “neutral” form, which is being used even in Spain’s locale. I assume this isn’t what Roblox expected but it is the most obvious solution to a language shared by so many countries.
I don’t know if the same “generalised version” exists in Portuguese, but the danger of using certain words that mean completely different things is still there.
Perhaps Roblox could use the Country setting (or even geolocation?) to fix this alongside the Language option.

Though this may be too complicated for the platform at its current state of internationalization.