Portuguese Translation Services

About Me:

Native Language is Portuguese. My cousin and I are fluent speakers, our grammar is on point also we would like to help you translate your game from English to Portuguese or the other way around. We haven’t translated any games lately, but we’re hoping to hop on the train as soon as possible.

We will be working in Projects and not per word but that can be negotiated through discord. Since I work with my cousin, we can get the job done in a fast pace with clean and understandable grammar. An estimate of 10,000 words in 6 + days.

Why us?
We are fluent speakers, fast workers and we get the job done.

I am always on discord, but if you don’t have discord you can contact me/us through Twitter or Roblox. (but I will most likely not answer the Roblox direct message.)
Discord: GDE#3363
Roblox: IXDark00LordXI
Twitter: @ SandroMM0

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